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Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Parliamentary Waffle House: Vote with your throat

65-67 Broadwick Street, W1F 9QY
No telephone number.

Well, rather strangely I'm writing about a restaurant that will be closed in less than 48 hours. As of Friday at 0800 in the morning, it's curtains for the Parliamentary Waffle House. But that's the way it was always meant to be. Good friends Sam Bompas and Harry Parr (Bompas & Parr)  are the brains behind the operation. They're no strangers to quirky food and drink experiences. Earlier this year, they created a giant cocktail, filling a room in a posh house with over a tonne of cognac. Punters could hop aboard a giant orange raft and float across the lake of booze. This latest idea came from the desire to see "people vote with their throats." The Parliamentary Waffle House has been open for the past month and offers a choice of three waffles: Lib Dem, Conservative and Labour. They don't tell you what the toppings are on each - but I'll be a spoiler seeing as it's closing down soon. You'll get a big scoop of bananas if you go for Lib Dem, blueberries if you go for Conservative and raspberries if you choose Labour. They're £3.50 each and come topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.
"We wanted a place where people could come and eat, drink and talk politics, " Sam told me. Guests to the waffle house are given a paper hat to wear while they're eating. When they're done, they throw their hat into the bin of their political party's choice. It can be seen from the street window, so passers-by can see how the official waffle poll is going.
On my visit, Lib Dems were topping the "Rubbish Swing-o-Metre". As for election night itself, the boys are throwing a big bash until 0800 the following morning. For £20, you can score yourself a ticket for a waffle and a glass of Prescott Punch and watch the results live on a big screen TV with other political junkies. There will even be politician pinatas to have a swing at. The idea is a bit bananas, but great fun and worth grabbing a ticket if you still can.

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