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Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Anglesea Arms: Will you marry me?

35 Wingate Road, Ravenscourt Park, W6 0UR
tel: +44 (0)872 261 0000

"We could get married here," I said to my (now) fiancé on a previous trip to the Anglesea Arms. While I admit, I was slightly tipsy at the time (putting the blame quite firmly on the delicious - and cheap - house red) there is something about this glorious pub which inspires romance and revolution. In my eyes, this is truly a perfect pub. And my bloke, who has been set on getting hitched in our home and native land of Canada - didn't immediately dismiss it. Maybe it had to do with the moose antlers on the wall, evoking the spirit of the wild north true and free. Or maybe he was also feeling the love, after consuming some of the excellent ales on tap (Doom Bar from Cornwall, being the most notable). On my most recent visit to the Anglesea Arms however, I brought one of my bridesmaids Eli (it was Valentine's Day lunch - both our blokes were at home cooking us dinner - SCORE!) and I was gutted to find out that they were out of my favourite starter - a pint of prawns, served with lemon and garlic aioli. But we persevered with pork with crackling, braised cabbage and apples (for Eli)...
And roast mutton with parsnips, kale and roast potatoes for the bride-to-be...
Both meals were mouth-watering and cooked to perfection. My ONLY complaint was that the mutton didn't have heaps of meat. Sorry vegetarians out there - but I wanted more. Alas, we satisfied the teency weency disappointment with two delicious puddings. For moi: chocolate mousse with pistachio creme - and for Eli - bread and butter pudding with fresh custard (and clotted cream, which she didn't ask for, but I was happy to devour). 
My verdict: run, don't walk to this pub. As an added bonus: (or not if you think he's a wanker) it is apparently one of the favourite places of BBC Radio 4's John Humphries. I can see why. And even if I'm not getting married here, I can image many post-wedding post-mordems to be held on the sofas, right next to the roaring fire, under the moose antlers. 

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